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Environmentally friendly chemical-free cleaning for home, office and industry.

Save time, money and the environment with Swedish Microfiber technology.

Swedish Microfiber cloths and Floor Care Systems enable you to clean nearly 100% of your home, office, school or institutional facility without chemicals using the finest, longest-lasting microfiber products available.

Improve indoor air quality Reduce surface residues – Clean more quicklyReduce chemical runoff and landfill each time you clean with our premium microfibers.

Sparkle Queen Cleaning Service, Chicago, IL

Polishing Crystal at La Jardiniere Fine Dining restaurant in San Francisco

Link for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQRi5Cao4rY

OUR SWEATSHOP-FREE COMPANY cares about the people who make our products. We guarantee that no product we sell brings any harm to those who manufacture it for you. To learn more about consumer goods made by sweatshop labor, visit this link:


Microfibers Unlimited Mission Statement

We are committed to providing our wholesalers with the highest quality microfiber products at a fair price. We partner with our clients in doing business with honesty and respect in our work with wholesale and retail customers, and in upholding the Golden Rule.

Contact us for more information on our professional quality microfiber products, the choice of many homes, offices, and industries throughout Europe, now available in the U.S.

Email for information: micro@microfibersunlimited.com