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Client of the Month

Sparkle Queen Cleaning Service

Sparkle Queen Cleaning Service offers chemical-free cleaning for homes and offices throughout Metro Chicago. Hillary Thieling, owner of Sparkle Queen, writes:
"We purchased the Microfibers Unlimited microfiber cloths for our green maid service and we love them. We have just about completely eliminated our supply costs. The mop systems are super. Our teams love how easy and efficient they are. They double as a high duster with the telescoping handles and dry dust cloths, and the microfiber mop heads are easily changed in between houses. Terese has been nothing short of amazing to work with. As long as we own a green maid service, we will buy all of our microfiber from Microfibers Unlimited."

Which Microfibers Unlimited products Sparkle Queen teams use: Hillary was not happy with the performance of "brand X" microfiber cloths and mops - the mops broke easily and the cloths did not hold up well. She learned about our durable, sweatshop-free microfiber products and after several months of testing our products, she outfitted all of her cleaning teams with our Swedish maroon and Heavy Duty cloths, as well as several of our mops.

Learn about Sparkle Queen's Green Cleaning concept -
"Home Cleaning Company Goes Green" - from ABC Chicago Channel 7 News (filmed just before Hillary switched from "Brand X" microfiber to ours, which she greatly prefers.)
Find out about Sparkle Queen by watching this news clip.

From Chicago Magazine:
Sparkle Queen (773-832-4895; sparklequeen.com ) offers top-to-bottom housecleaning using all-natural, nontoxic products. The "Super Sparkle" service is the ultimate home-keeping indulgence: For $75 an hour (for the first and usually dirtiest visit), in addition to all the standard tasks, a team of two will do the chores you wish would simply go away, such as cleaning the insides of cabinets and the refrigerator, washing trash cans, and mopping under the beds. On second thought, why wait until spring?

Hillary Thieling, Owner

After receiving a B.A. in Sociology from Indiana University and becoming a stay-at-home mother of two, Hillary, an entrepreneur at heart, decided she needed to work for herself. With her leadership skills and desire to build the type of company at which she would enjoy working, Sparkle Queen Cleaning Service was born.

While growing the business, Hillary has been an active leader in the growing residential cleaning industry, as well as an active member in the sustainable community in Chicago. She is an active member and Ambassador of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International and a member of the Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance and Local First Chicago.

Hillary is dedicated inspiring people by operating according to her own values: fun, connection and growth. Her leadership is values-based and her company is growing to become a different kind of cleaning company.

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