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Swedish Microfiber Testimonials

Many of our customers find that Swedish Microfiber cleaning cuts their cleaning time in half, and they are reducing their chemical use by 90% or more in their homes and offices.

GREEN CLEANING SERVICE SPARKLES WITH MICROFIBERS UNLIMITED: "We purchased the Microfibers Unlimited microfiber cloths for our green maid service and we love them. We have just about completely elimated our supply costs. The mop systems are super. Our teams love how easy and efficient they are. They double as a high duster with the telescoping handles and dry dust cloths and the microfiber mop heads are easily changed in between houses. Terese has been nothing short of amazing to work with. As long as we own a green maid service, we will buy all of our microfiber from Microfibers Unlimited."

- Hillary Thieling, owner, Sparkle Queen green maid service, Chicago

THE BEST FOR KITCHEN AND BATH: Leslie Reilly Studios, a kitchen and bath designer in Texas, first used her cloth to clean her entire kitchen and bath showroom including tile surfaces, granite countertops, chrome, fine wood cabinets, and large outside windows. She said, "I put my cloth to a brutal, brutal test - and it came out amazingly." Leslie has many requests for cleaning advice from her clients, and highly recommends Swedish Microfiber products including the microfiber mop for hardwood, tile and marble floors. She appreciates the fact that Swedish Microfiber products save the environment from the impact of harmful chemicals.

BARGAIN SHOPPER CONVINCED: I have used your cloths since 2003. Being a frugal sort, I now see micro fiber cloths everywhere at lower prices. To make sure I wasn’t paying more than I should, I ordered all the different [Brand X] cloths so that I could do my own comparison. While your cloths cost a bit more, they are truly superior and hold up much better. Others are cheaper, but they do not last as long, or do as good a job. So, due to the life of my great quality micro fiber cloths from you, the cost really is less in the long run than buying cheap ones that do not hold up as well. Being frugal and a skeptic, I had to prove it to myself. Anxiously awaiting my order…..thank-you for having a top quality product!

C. D., Barrington, Illinois

 THE HARLEY RIDER’S COMPANION: Chuck Schwartz of Crystal Lake, Illinois has been a Harley rider since 1992 and has owned two of our Swedish Microfiber Cloths since 1998. Ten years later he is still using the same two maroon cloths to clean his bike three times a week during the riding season. Chuck says:I clean my Dyna Wide Glide fully chromed Harley before every ride. I use two – one to wipe the shiny stuff, and one to dry and wipe down. I clean the front windshield, chrome, handlebars, gas tank, fenders, and exhaust. I dip it in a bucket and rinse it well as I go. It’s GREAT for chrome – it takes out the bugs, grime and tar. My gas tank and fenders are waxed – I’d be lost without that rag. It leaves no streaks. That rag is fantastic.”Chuck’s 100 mile ride takes him to Sheridan, Wisconsin, through Lake Geneva and back to Crystal Lake. He never leaves without his Swedish “rag” packed in his bag.

A Cleaning professional says "This is the only mop that works and I've tried them all. If anything happened to that mop I'd have to stop cleaning - I don't want to kill myself off!  I don't have to bring two mops, I just change the mop head.  With other mop systems, the liquid solutions had residue that built up on the grout.  It's worth a  million dollars."  – JoAnne S., Chicago

 SCHOOL CLEANS CHEMICAL-FREE: Montessori Music Academy in Vernon Hills, Illinois uses our Swedish microfiber products not only for cleaning the school’s interior as well as pianos and Orff instruments, but also as a learning tool for “Practical Life” lessons which is part of the Montessori teaching philosophy. Owner and Music Director Margarita Shvets says, “The Swedish Microfiber cloths are logical for our students to use in lessons about care for their toys and instruments, and they are safe for any child to clean with since no chemicals are needed.” She knows that surfaces of the many toys and tools used by students will be free of harmful chemicals, odors and residues thanks to Swedish Microfiber cleaning.

 AN AMAZED CUSTOMER: These days, it's hard to find something that works up to it's hype! You guys hit a home run with these products. I'm not just a satisfied customer, but an amazed customer! Not only are they environmentally friendly--no cleaning products needed--and better for our health and our pugs' health, but they work so fast! You've cut down my cleaning bill and my cleaning time.

You so kindly mentioned many uses, but I found a new one--cleaning the inside of vases. I always seem to have white crud on the inside. I took my maroon microfiber cloth and wiped it away like magic! No scrubbing or rubbing--a simple swoosh around the inside. Also, my TVs--which I dust and then they look dusty the next day, are still clean days later! I have an art collection in my house. It's always been a production to clean. Not now--a swipe with the cloth and they're clean and without the build-up of cleaning products--they stay clean.Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Susan, Barrington, IL

REALTOR IN ARIZONA: I have used MicrofibersUnlimited cloths for years as a quick touchup for houses prior to showing them to prospective buyers. We live in a very dusty environment, so a quick wipe over surfaces gently takes up dust without scratching, and a quick damp rub over plumbing fixtures helps everything sparkle. I keep some in my car just for the last-minute touchups that help my clients sell their houses!

Judy Reese Acino, Scottsdale, AZ

APPLIANCE SHOWROOM RECOMMENDS AND USES SWEDISH MICROFIBER: I have managed the Dacor Appliance Manufacturer's Showroom for the past four years. We've been using the Swedish Microfiber Cloth to maintain a "good as new" appearance at all times. We have over 110 appliance pieces installed on the showroom floor, about 80% of them are the popular stainless steel finish where fingerprints are a constant battle to keep at bay. The Swedish Microfiber Cloth makes light and easy work of the process, - as a matter of fact, it's not work at all.

The greatest advantage is in not having to use any chemicals to keep things clean. It takes just minutes to wipe away a day's worth of traffic through the showroom. I don't have to worry about "bluing" or a build up of those chemicals on the stainless, which looks awful.

People constantly ask me what I use to keep the showroom (and the stainless) so clean. At my owner's classes, I include the Swedish Microfiber Cloth as part of my presentation for how to maintain their products. I offer the Swedish Cloth for sale after the class; I just do a brief, two-minute demonstration and pass the cloth around the room. At the end of the class, people are lined up and just about throwing money at me. Often times, I will get phone calls the next day from people who stayed up all night cleaning because it simply just works!! It is effortless to use on all surfaces, even the grease on our professional-style hoods. I love it because I have so many different types of surfaces in the showroom to clean; glass, solid surface, wood, granite, mirrors, chrome, copper, tile, and so on. I can move from one finish to the next without anything but the cloth and good, clean, hot water. Life would be whole lot more difficult if I didn't have my cloth. All I can say is, try it; it's worth every penny and more.

Marcia Lecheler, Dacor Showroom Manager, Schaumburg , IL

WATERFORD CRYSTAL SPARKLES at George Watts and Son, Inc., one of the largest retailers of fine china and crystal in the Midwest. In Watts ' elegant store in downtown Milwaukee you will find their lovely Waterford Room where the crystal and the display cases sparkle, cleaned by Swedish Microfiber cloths. Dana Voelske, Watts ' placesetting designer, uses Swedish Microfiber cloths to clean china, glassware and silver for their Christmas catalog photo shoots. Before Dana discovered Swedish Microfiber cleaning, she filled three garbage cans with disposable cleaning towels in each cleaning session and went through endless bottles of glass cleaner. Now the same job is performed with Swedish Microfiber cloths and water, with superior results.

THE MIRACLE CLOTH IS A MIRACLE WORKER: "I live in a house that seems to grow dust. No sooner do I dust than I turn around and more dust has grown. I can clean practically my entire house with the Swedish Microfiber Cloth. This includes crown molding, baseboards, my shiny black piano, glass tabletops, and the list goes on. We have pets, too - a cat and a dog, and the 'miracle cloth' has been most helpful in keeping down the animal hair on surfaces and floors. I use the microfiber mop to dust my parquet floors and damp mop my tile floors. I would recommend this product to anybody! The money spent is well worth the time saved and the amount of cleaning that can be done with one cloth. It's a 'miracle' because it makes cleaning fun and easy."

Adrienne Hill, Yeadon, Pennsylvania

SPARKLING CHANDELIER: "I gave the Swedish Microfiber cloth to a friend who said, 'I have a glass chandelier that I never get clean, and it takes forever!' I said, 'Use the Swedish Microfiber cloth with hot water and call me back.' My friend called me back and said that the cloth cleaned the chandelier in no time at all, and it looked the best she'd ever seen! Now she uses it on everything and loves that it's chemical-free.

L.M., Hoffman Estates , Illinois

HARDWOOD, CORIAN CLEANED STREAK-FREE: I have used the Swedish Microfiber Cloth to clean my Corian countertop since its installation. It is always streak-free, and three years later looks like the day it was put in. My three year old hardwood kitchen floor has only been cleaned with the Swedish Microfiber Mop, and we have lots of kitchen messes. It's dry five minutes after mopping. The finish sparkles without streaks - it's as beautiful as the day it was installed.

TRM, Barrington , IL

SNOOPY THE DOG STAYS WARM: Thank you for the microfiber bath towel. Our dog, Snoopy, is getting old and has lost quite a bit of weight recently. He gets cold and tends to shiver, so when he does, we cover him with the towel. It's so cuddly and he just loves it. It's funny because not too long ago he would never have let us wrap him up in anything and now he sleeps with it all night. I'm sure that when you gave me the towel you never expected it would be used for a dog. I can't tell you how much we appreciate it, especially Snoopy!

M.S., North Barrington, IL

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