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Microfibers Unlimited Swedish cloths provide the most effective cleaning available for a variety of kitchen and bath surfaces.
In The Kitchen
  • Chrome and stainless sparkle - just wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth to maintain a streak-free appearance, even on heavily soiled surfaces. Our industial-grade cloths remove grease, boil-over spills, and annoying fingerprints on the stainless range hood.
  • Countertops maintained with our Swedish microfiber cloth will clean up quickly and look as good as the day they were installed. You'll be amazed at the streak-free cleaning on Corian, Granite, Solid surface and laminates. Say goodbye to costly, caustic sprays, soaps and chemicals - you won't need them any more.
  • Wood cabinets can be safely cleaned with our Swedish microfiber cloths since the cloth is non-abrasive, unlike "budget" microfiber cloths.
  • Heavy duty cleaning inside the microwave and refrigerator can be done with our Heavy Duty Cloth, a sturdy, long-lasting microfiber that is slightly abrasive.
In The Bathroom

Our Swedish microfiber cleans the mirror, sinktop, shower, and cabinetry streak-free, without the abrasion and chemical residue of the expensive sprays and cleansers you're replacing. The Heavy Duty Cloth cleans heavily soiled areas. Finish your bathroom cleaning in ten minutes or less, with superior results.


Maintain and deep-clean your computer equipment, stereo equipment, and other home and office electronics with our Swedish microfiber cloths. It does a superior job of removing the dust and dirt which can deteriorate sensitive equipment. Our Laptop/Kitchen cloth removes fingerprints from CDs, DVDs, computer screens and television screens with its unique lint-free surface, and travels well in the laptop case.


Swedish Microfiber cloths provide an effective, durable cleaning and detailing tool for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The non-abrasive, absorbent cloth removes dirt, grime and bugs from exterior surfaces without the need for solutions or soaps. It also removes stains from upholstery and carpet inside the vehicle. Whether you are an auto detailer or auto enthusiast, you'll find our Swedish cloth to be a cost-effective and safe way to care for your vehicle. Contact us for more information for professional or home use.

Motorcycle enthusiasts find that our Swedish cloth does the best job of cleaning the Beloved Bike. Easily remove dirt from windshields, chrome and other surfaces with the cloth and water only- see a Harley rider’s testimonial.


Clean your pet

... or clean up after your pet

  • Clean/Groom your pet: Many animals do not enjoy being immersed in water. Our Swedish Microfiber cloth enables you to safely and effectively groom your cat, dog, or horse with a gentle microfiber wiping. Our highly absorbent microfiber enables you to clean your pet with very little water and, of course, NO irritating, drying soaps or solutions.
  • Seriously muddy paws are quickly taken care of by a wet wipe with our Heavy Duty Cloth. Intercept your dog or cat on the way into the house, wipe those paws, and save your floors and carpets from mud prints.
  • Remove pet hair from couches, chairs and clothing surfaces with a wipe from a damp or dry Swedish Microfiber Cloth. You'll be amazed by how pet hair clings to the Swedish cloth. Our cloth is also excellent for safely dusting and removing pet hair from all hard, smooth surfaces in the home.
  • Pet stains of all kinds are removed from carpet and upholstery with a damp Swedish Microfiber cloth. Not only is the stain removed, but the source of the odor is "wicked" out in the spot removal process. Test for colorfastness of the cleanng cloth AND the fibers being cleaned with all fabrics and carpet, especially with light colors.
  • Floors that collect what the pets leave behind are quickly and effectively cleaned with our Swedish Microfiber mop. Our dry duster grabs and holds pet hair that likes to hide along the edges of the floor, and our damp mop wipes up muddy footprints as well as spilled pet food. In just a few minutes your floor is sparkling clean.
  • Our PLUSH BATH TOWEL is just the right thing for drying a pet, large or small, and makes a comfortable blanket. One customer writes: "Our dog, Snoopy, is getting old and has lost quite a bit of weight recently. He gets cold and tends to shiver, so when he does, we cover him with the towel.
    It's so cuddly and he just loves it. It's funny because not too long ago he would never have let us wrap him up in anything and now he sleeps with it all night."



Many salons use and sell our Swedish microfiber products for beauty use as well as for cleaning.

  • The Waffle Turban is a highly absorbent hair wrap for professional and home use. Its absorbent waffle weave microfiber quickly removes moisture from wet hair (secure with a twist and hooking the loop on the button), saving hair from many minutes of damaging blow-dry time. It is also an excellent tool for quickly removing solutions during perm processing.
  • Many salons use AND sell our Swedish Microfiber cloth. Nothing does a better and faster job of cleaning hair spray residue from mirrors, glass surfaces, and countertops. Since no ammonia or other chemical is used, residues are greatly reduced and cleaning is not needed as frequently. Many salon owners are so delighted with the superior cleaning results from our Swedish microfiber cloths that they sell them to their clients, receiving many repeat orders. Floor cleaning in the salon is faster and more effective with our Swedish Microfiber mop, since microfibers catch and hold hair very efficiently.


Health professionals who recommend chemical-free cleaning methods find our Swedish Microfiber products to be an excellent choice for their clients since we carry the highest quality, professional grade microfibers. Our microfiber cloths and mops are recommended by pediatrician Marny Turnville M.D., who finds that the elimination of chemical cleaners in the home can be helpful for children and adults with allergies and other health problems. Dr. Turnville appreciates the unique quality of our Swedish microfiber products, which were originally formulated for hospital use and do an excellent job of removing dirt and bacteria without leaving a chemical residue behind. Her Evanston store, Healthy Green Goods, specializes in eco-friendly natural products, clothing and bedding.

Specialty Use Clients

Sparkle Queen Cleaning Service - Chicago, IL

La Jardiniere Restaurant - San Francisco, CA
Innocorp/Fatal Vision - Madison, WI
Insignia Kitchen and Bath - Barrington, IL