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IF YOU HAVE HARDWOOD, TILE, or LINOLEUM, our Swedish Microfiber Mop cleans and maintains your floor better than anything else. Our mop uses very little water when cleaning, making it the best choice for thorough, streak-free results. And like our Swedish Microfiber cloths, it leaves no chemical, soap or vinegar residue or odor making this a wise choice for the living environment. Its professional quality materials and design make it a durable and effective choice for office, industry, or home.

  • The telescoping handle extends to six feet, enabling you to clean high windows, walls and ceilings, and adjust to your comfort level for floor use. Like our other microfiber products it is used with water only, which protects your flooring from cleaning residues and leaves your floor sparkling clean and dry in a few minutes.

  • The swiveling mop base locks to prevent side-to-side swiveling for easier window and wall cleaning.

  • The mop base is easily removed from the handle to allow for interchanging different size mop bases, or using our Mop Wand on the extended mop pole.

  • Our microfiber mop heads launder beautifully, enabling you to put a clean mop on the floor each time you do your cleaning. Each cloth mop head, like our cleaning cloths, is guaranteed for a year but typically lasts for years.

  • HARDWOOD OWNERS : When the time comes to refinish your hardwood floor, the sanders will need less time sanding to uncover the bare wood since they won't have to sand through residues. This saves money, and leaves more "sand-able" floor behind.
Our microfiber mops come in 13" and 18" sizes for a variety of cleaning needs. One mop head is included, and additional heads are ordered separately. All mop heads are fully washable and attach to the sturdy mop base.
  • Mops come with a FLAT HEAD for wet cleaning of flat floor surfaces such as hardwood, linoleum, marble, and other ungrouted floors. The FLAT HEAD is also excellent for washing windows, walls, and shower doors. The six foot extension handle enables the washing of high windows with the flat head. Light Blue.

  • The DUSTER HEAD is an outstanding DRY floor duster. It reaches into corners, seams, and spaces between carpets and floorboards with thoroughness and efficiency. Use the duster head instead of a broom on days that you don't need to damp mop, or use prior to damp cleaning. Lime Green.

  • The LOOP HEAD is used for wet cleaning of grouted tile surfaces. The microfiber loops reach into uneven grouted areas to help maintain grout which can catch dust, dirt, and pet hair. Blue and White.

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