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Microfiber Cloth Products

Our Swedish microfiber cloth is the centerpiece of our product line. Its unique super-ultra microfiber is vastly more durable than any other microfiber cloth we have found, typically lasting for three to five years and hundreds of uses. Its highly polished fiber is gentle, yet cleans all types of smooth surfaces with great effectiveness. We continue to search for and test any microfibers we can find in the world market and have never found anything that compares in quality to our Swedish Microfiber. Although it is not the least expensive microfiber available, it delivers far greater economy and performance than the rest.

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Our Swedish Microfiber cloth safely cleans glass, chrome, granite, Corian, solid surface, stainless, wood cabinetry, fine furniture and many other home, office and institutional surfaces without streaking or leaving a chemical residue.

Microfiber cleaning is used in hospitals throughout Sweden, lowering bacteria counts by removing residue from surfaces in patient rooms and other sensitive areas. Our many testimonials attest to the time and money-saving effectiveness of our Swedish microfiber cloth. It is strong enough to clean heavily soiled areas, effective in dusting and cleaning fine furniture, and safe enough to be used by a child.


When you order our Swedish Microfiber cloths you will receive instructions on cleaning these household and office areas: Windows and interior glass surfaces, bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, furniture, blinds, fixtures, chandeliers, computers, spot removal on carpets and upholstery. You’ll also receive care instructions for your microfiber products.
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